100 mg chewq® Chewable CoQ10 (60 Count Botella)

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chewq® Chewable CoQ10 (60 Count Botella)
Descripción: 100mg Chew Q is 100% Natural * ChewQ has no artificial ingredients and NO Vitamin E * Chew Q is a Gluten Free Product * 100mg Chew Q is 100% vegetarian * Chew Q is Sugar FreeChew Q Absorption Rates have been Independently Verified.Exclusively Formulated and Manufactured in US cGMP Certified FacilityChew Q is Tasty and Easy to Swallow. The Safest, Strongest, Purest and Most Powerful CoQ10 Supplement Available is also a Pleasure to Administer.Chew Q Utilized the Patented Hydro Q Sorb Nutrient Delivery System (patent number 6,861,447). Hydro Q Sorb is a system that encapsulates the CoQ10 molecule and Ushers it Through the Gastric System, Increasing Absorption Over Standard CoQ10 by up to 860%
100 mg chewq masticables CoQ10 de los creadores de q-gel utiliza hydro-q-sorb CoQ10 – una bioenhanced Coenzyme CoQ10, (patente Número 6,861,447), para mejorar la disolución y fácil absorción. chewq con Hydro qsorb CoQ10 es un altamente biodisponible masticables forma sólida dosis de alta potency natural Coenzyme Q10. Chew Q tiene un agradable sabor, ligeramente dulce, sabor a naranja natural. chewq es muy estable a través de varias freeze-thaw ciclos. De hecho, Chew Q es estable en Alaska en el invierno y el Sahara Desert en el verano.


Modelo: B001JJMJLE