Buried Treasure Quantum Plata, 16 onza líquida

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Treasure Quantum Plata, 16 onza líquida
Descripción: El alcanfor se encuentra en la madera natural de alcanfor Laurel árbol (Cinnamomum Camphora), una Evergreen especies de AsiaEste producto se está convirtiendo rápidamente en la parte superior de la elección de los médicos, los profesionales médicos y las familias en todo el mundo y estamos seguros de que va a ser la primera elección de las fórmulas de plataDiseño para el uso diario como un suplemento de apoyo inmunológico
In our crowded and over-connected world, we come into contact with millions of germs each day. Our bodies respond rapidly and effectively most of the time. As our immune is constantly under attack is very important that we keep in healthy since it is on the front line of defense. Our immune system has one job keep us going, to recognize invaders, and destroy them. Your life is to busy to be slowed down because of a weakened immune system. You must keep that immune response healthy and ready to defend against invaders. Buried Treasure€™s Quantum Silver can help support a healthy immune system. Quantum Silver will help keep your immune system in top shape and you ready to take on life. 1. Silver made to support your immune system. 2. Safe for children and adults 3. An all natural product 4. A 10ppm Silver that is as powerful as the competition. 5. No artificial flavors, dyes or ingredients 6. No preservatives 7. No Additives 8. Gluten Free 9. Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

MARCA: Buried Treasure

Modelo: B00DWY8D9Q