glucoflex Glucosamina & CSA 24 Hour Apoyo Conjunto, 120 count

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Glucosamina & CSA 24 Hour Apoyo Conjunto, 120 count Descripción: Proporciona 1500 mg de glucosamina HCL por servir1.200 mg por servir de apoyo conjunto de mezcla que contiene Chondroitin y MSMApoya la salud conjunta, fuerza y flexibilidadGlucosamina se muestra para disminuir la inflamaciónFórmula de liberación patentada 24 horas proporciona todo el día apoyo Stiff, aching joints can put a hamper on many regular activities. Reclaim your days with Glucoflex Glucosamine & CSA 24-Hour Joint Support, the convenient glucosamine supplement with a 24-hour release. Every serving provides 1,500 mg of glucosmine HCl, a natural substance that helps generate cartilage and has been shown to lower inflammation. Glucosamine & CSA 24-Hour also contains 1,000 mg of chondroitin sulfate and 500 mg of MSM per serving. Chondroitin is a special ingredient derived from shark and bovine cartilage that stimulates cartilage regeneration. MSM is a natural sulfur compound that has been shown to support immune function and contributed to joint strength and elasticity. This specially chosen formula may support mobility and lubrication while helping to soothe joints and reducing pain. MARCA: Marca: Glucoflex Modelo: B000GG0GM0