Kavafied AluBall Pro Kava Maker

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Numero de Articulo: B07PZM26FV

AluBall Pro Kava Maker
Descripción: PRO VERSION OF THE WORLD'S FIRST KAVA MAKER - 10x Faster Than Traditional BrewingPATENTED ALUSHELL CAP - Inspired by the coconut shell (Bilo) that Kava is traditionally served in. The Patented twist off cap design doubles as a 6 oz Kava drinking shell.36-oz. CAPACITY - 36 ounces gives you enough room to hold 9 low tide (4 oz) shells of Kava. Measurement marks to 26 oz.BPA-FREE EASTMAN TRITAN - Impact and odor resistant. Crystal clear, durable, and safe.PATENTED ALUBALL BREWING BALL INCLUDED - (AluBall Kava Maker Ball Holds 1-2 Tbsp of Kava root powder) For best performance, change AluBall Kava Maker brewing ball every 2-3 months
Finally a bottle designed by Kava drinkers for Kava drinkers! We went back to our roots to design an AluBall Kava maker bottle that incorporates the rich culture of Kava.

MARCA: Kavafied

Modelo: B07PZM26FV