multi-betic 60 Count (Multi-Pack)

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Numero de Articulo: B00A1OWLA2
60 Count (Multi-Pack) Descripción: Multi-Betic 60 Count (1-Pack) Multi-Betic Multi-Vitamin Specifically formulated for people with Diabetes Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels are already in the normal range, Helps support normal vision & eye health, Helps promote nerve health & function. 60 caplets Easy-To-Swallow Dietary Supplement Sugar and Gluten Free. Multi-Betic is formulated with the vitamins minerals and antioxidants shown in published research to be benefiical to maintaining good health. Unlike many other multi-vitamins, Mutli-betic containsAlpha Lipoic Acid, which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels that are already in the normal range by asssisting the body to convert glucose into energy. Plus, Multi-betic is also convenient and economical- you get more of the speicific nutrients you need in just 2 easy-to-swallow caplets. Multi-betic can help with a wide range of potential health Promotes healthy blood sugar levels that are already in the normal range. Promotes eye health & vision, Supports healthy nerve function, Promotes cardiovascular, health helps increase overall energy, Helps maintain a strong immune system. Compare Multi-betic to other multi-vitamins on the market and you'll find that Multi0betic is an advanced formula designed to meet your specific nutritional needs. MARCA: Health Care Products Modelo: B00A1OWLA2