musclecare – 90 Cápsulas

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Numero de Articulo: B071RFBS4Q

Titulo:musclecare – 90 Cápsulas
Descripción: Electrolitos y hierbas relajantes para ayudar a aliviar dolores musculares zapatilla, pequeños noche zapatilla de ejercicio y tensión muscular general.Ayuda a relajarse tensa los músculos de la tensión diaria.Relaja los músculos asumir por atlético actividad.Disminuye la noche muscular pierna zapatilla.Promueve la relajación para una buena noche de sueño.
Patient One MuscleCare supplies three key electrolytes for maintaining healthy muscle contractile function, along with soothing botanical extracts of Valerian root, White willow bark and Passion flower to ease occasional muscle tension. This formula provides effective support to help reduce painful nighttime or excercise-related leg muscle cramps, minor muscle cramps associated with athletic activity, and overall muscle tension. Looking for Physiologics MusclEase (90s)? Please note that this product has been discontinued, and that Patient One - MuscleCare (90s) has replaced it.

MARCA: MuscleCare

Modelo: B071RFBS4Q