Natural Factors – Equinamida, soporte para sistema inmune, 60 geles suaves

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Numero de Articulo: B00028MLUM

Factors – Equinamida, soporte para sistema inmune, 60 geles suaves
Descripción: Potente soporte inmunológico.Fuerza clínica.Triple estandarizado.Extracto de hierbas frescas de espectro completo.Derivado de las raíces y flores de Echinacea purpurea fresca y orgánica.
Clinically proven effective immune support, Echinamide Clinical Strength is a patented premium extract of fresh organic echinacea, triple-standardized for potency. Echinamide Echinacea is certified organic by the North Okanagan Organic Association (NOOA). The patent pending extract contains guaranteed levels of three key isobutylalkylamides, polysaccharides and cichoric acid. Echinamide contains these actives in a base of the whole herb, so that none of the minor actives are missing. Each capsule of Echinamide Clinical Strength extract is equal to 2,000 mg of fresh echinacea herb. Echinamide is the only echinacea product that has completed two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 2 clinical trials with statistically significant and reproducible evidence of effectiveness as an immune stimulant in combating upper respiratory infections.

MARCA: Natural Factors

Modelo: B00028MLUM