Oligominerales líquido Cal/Mag/Zinc, 16-Ounce

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líquido Cal/Mag/Zinc, 16-Ounce
Descripción: highly-prized Berry púrpura que cuenta con potentes propiedades antioxidantes.Miembro de la clase de flavonoide de antioxidantes.Contiene zumos de fruta naturales de Granada, color azul.
Trace Minerals Liquimins Cal/Mag/Zinc 2 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz --1200 mg Calcium --600 mg Magnesium --15 mg Zinc --Vitamin D3 --ConcenTrace --Vegetarian Recent research highlights the important health benefits of maintaining proper bone mass for a lifetime. Proper exercise and supplementation of calcium and vitamin D for those not getting enough in their diet can help promote healthy bones. Liquid Cal/Mag/Zinc is a perfectly balanced daily liquid supplement of calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D synergistically formulated to support bone, muscle and connective tissue health. This fast-absorbing ionic liquid formula has a great Pi ±a Colada flavor. It also contains ConcenTrace, a full spectrum ionic trace mineral complex of over 72 trace minerals and elements that help to aid in the absorption process. As an additional benefit, calcium, magnesium and zinc play an integral role in the

MARCA: Trace Minerals Research

Modelo: B003O1OIRS