Soporte Nano Silver, 32 oz + libro de bonificación, 1

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Nano Silver, 32 oz + libro de bonificación, 1
Descripción: NEW NANO We've taken the old ionic silver technology and advanced it to create a new pure molecular structure that's easily absorbed into the cells. With this supplement you'll need less true silver intake to accomplish improved resultsUSE TOPICALLY OR Cyclic Nano Silver can be taken daily by adults and children as a dietary supplement. Simply take the clear, unscented, flavorless treatment orally like a mouthwash or via nasal spray for fast sinus relief. The ionic solution can also be used topically on cuts, scrapes and burns. It even works on dogs and cats.CAN BE TAKEN Just take 1 to 3 teaspoons daily to boost immunity especially if you've been exposed to harmful germs.REVOLUTIONARY WATER DELIVERY Our proprietary production process delivers ionic silver in a revolutionary water delivery system. It gives peak absorption throughout the blood stream within two hours. Recent university research shows effective action twice as fast as the leading brand of nano silverMONEY BACK If you're not pleased with our nano silver, we'll send your money back immediately.
Hundreds of thousands of people already know about the health benefits of ionic silver to boost the immune system of adults, kids, and even pets. Silver Support is next generation colloidal silver with nano-sized particles proven to be far more effective than colloidal silver. And recent university tests show Silver Support acts twice as fast as the leading nano silver brand on the market at half the price. Silver Support is the only nano silver vendor focusing on gallon and quart sizes at huge discounts and even our 12 ounce bottle is cheaper than their 8 ounce bottle. Our solution is verified at full 10 parts per million strength even beyond the 3 year product expiration date which is a year longer than the leading brand. Our 3 to 5 nano meter size and our water cluster delivery system are unique in the industry. This small particle size and ultra pure water structure is optimal for absorption and elimination from the body. Significant elimination is measurable as soon as two hours and effectively gone within 24 hours. With Bonus book

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Modelo: B07N8JV7LM