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Numero de Articulo: B01N5M4QAN

Descripción: 600 mg de calcio, 200, 400 IU de vitamina D3 y 25 mg de soja isoflavonoideFormulado con soja isoflavonoide
Women approaching menopause, or women with high blood lipids, need to supplement their diets to support their bodies in the way it deserves. It is common for women approaching menopause to experience calcium deficiency, and in many cases, their diets are not the best source of calcium. In this case, it is imperative to find good sources of calcium to support a healthy lifestyle, that’s where D-Cal Soycal comes in. Taking all the calcium benefits the popular D-Cal formula offers, Soycal combines the power of calcium and vitamin D3 with soy isoflavones to support a healthy you. Soy isoflavones, the active ingredient in soy, works similarly to estrogen without the side-effect of hormones. Our Soycal formula, formulated specifically for women approaching menopause, contains 600 mg of calcium carbonate, 200IU of vitamin D3, and 25mg of soy isoflavones, the right dose to maintain your body's ideal levels. These ingredients work together to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to support healthy bones and joints, while also supporting positive menopause health. Also, our Soycal formula is available in coated caplets to ease digestive issues common with other calcium supplements. One or two caplets per day provides you with sufficient supplementation to stay healthy and strong. Ideal for women looking for an effective way to support their health. Don’t let menopause slow you down. Start supplementing your diet with SoyCal, designed for the modern, active woman. Nourish your bones, supplement your system, and enjoy life the way it’s supposed to be – to its fullest.


Modelo: B01N5M4QAN